A Breath Of Fresh Air

12 August, 2019

You need clean air to breathe and so does your car, and a vehicle’s air filters make that possible. It’s encouraged that vehicle owners should have the engine and cabin air filters inspected and changed regularly to ensure vehicle longevity and interior comfort.


Car Won't Start

07 August, 2019

Monday morning. It’s around 7.30am. A bleary-eyed parent wends their way out to the car. Briefcase or handbag in one hand and key in the other, they open the creaky door, slide in and hears their teeth chatter as the cold winter air bites hard. Shaking fingers attempt to slide the key into the barrel. With a satisfied sigh they turn the key. Nothing. No whirr of the starter motor. No ker-wumph, blam of the engine as it fires up. Instead, that satisfied sigh is now a sigh of frustration.


Deciphering Dashboard Lights

05 August, 2019

Meatloaf once warbled “you can see paradise by the dashboard light”. For some, it is paradise when none of them stay on once an engine has been started. It isn’t paradise when one or more come on, especially it’s the one that says minus four degrees and people think it’s a sign the car is about to, ahem, crap itself...


Running On All Cylinders

22 July, 2019

You’ve heard of the phrase “running on all cylinders”, and how we feel like a cup of coffee in order to be like that on a cold morning? Cars are like that. With engines of three, four, six, and eight, and the occasional twelve, the cylinders are the parts of the car where the bang happens in a good way.


Water Pumps - The Unsung Hero Of Auto Cooling

15 July, 2019

Water Pumps. Often forgotten but an absolute crucial part of keeping your vehicle cool. Engines are cooled by a coolant, anti-freeze, mixed with water. This mixture moves around your engine and as it’s doing so absorbs some of the heat generated by the engine. The coolant then flows through the radiator being cooled by air on its trip back through the engine. Water pumps are the driving force behind this process.


Headlights - Lighting The Path

08 July, 2019

Of the surveys that seem to occur a few times a year about the driving habits that people find annoying, there are a consistent few that pop up. Tailgating, failure to indicate, and failure to use headlights properly are common.
Headlights make up a small part of a car or truck or any sort of motorised vehicle. But their importance in the parts of a car that make up the safety factor cannot be underestimated.


On The Charge - Dead Battery?

01 July, 2019

Ever walked out to the car, got in, turned the key or pressed the start button, only to find a dull whirr or worse, nothing at all? Having a dead battery is a frustrating, annoying experience, but it’s also a warning.


Rotating The Rubber

24 June, 2019

They’re the round bits that are the ONLY bits of your car that meet the road. Tyres are the unsung champions of the automotive world, and there are plenty of sizes to choose from for the huge range of cars available.


Headlight Cleaning & Care

17 June, 2019

A car’s headlights were once a bulb inside a metal cover, shielded by a glass lens. Some cars may still have that but more commonly they’ll be made of a thick plastic.


Winter Warning - Tips To Keep You And Other Drivers Safe This Winter Season

14 June, 2019

Australia is renowned for cycling through a full range of seasonal weather conditions during the winter season and depending on your location could mean you’re facing water or ice on the road, sleet and possibly even snow! Conditions like these can (very quickly) become hazardous for any motorist and whilst a breakdown is never ideal, during winter it can make a breakdown just that much worse.


Tyre Pressure Tips!

11 June, 2019

When people buy a car, be it new or pre-loved, the tyres will have been cleaned, had protectant put upon them, and will generally look fab. It’s also a fair bet that a pressure check will have been performed.


Smelly Car?

03 June, 2019

Inside and out, a certain scent can tell the driver that a car isn’t healthy.


Rust On, Rust Off

13 May, 2019

Every single car that rolls off a production line now has an anti-corrosive layer somewhere in the paint layers. The intent is to provide a barrier between two opposing forces of nature that can conspire to cause metal cancer.


Wiper Trouble

08 May, 2019

Like tyres, the rubber bits on pieces of metal that go back and forth are underrated in what they do.
Brand new, a rubber wiper blade is flexible, unbroken, and, importantly, clean.


7 Car Care Tips

08 May, 2019

It doesn’t feel like all that long ago when the Saturday morning routine was “kids to sports, morning tea, do the clothes washing, wash the car.

With water a precious resource now, the last step isn’t that common, but there are a few ways that looking after your car can be done.


EFI - What is it and how does it affect my car?

08 May, 2019

For decades a car’s engine was fed fuel through a carburettor. This is a mechanical device that measured fuel through a system of small pipes and the fuel was sucked into an engine cylinder’s combustion chamber via the downward motion of the cylinder’s piston.


Right To Repair

17 April, 2019

The Australian government has mandated regulations when it comes to purchasing items and a failure occurs. The wording effectively translates to “having a reasonable expectation of a working life”, and means that something like a TV that comes with a 24 month warranty should be expected to perform well beyond that period.


Takata Airbags

11 April, 2019

With the level of technology that is used to build cars now, it’s surprisingly rare that a recall to a brand happens. It may be a small engineering issue, a recurring hiccup in the assembly line, however there’s been nothing as dramatic as the recall for a safety item.