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We can all relate to the frustration involved when it’s time to service our vehicles. Simply put, a car service can be costly, but not taking your car for a regular service will always cost you more; Discover why below.

Hidden Secrets By Delaying Your Vehicle’s Service

Servicing your car requires a timely inspection performed by a trusted technician due to the thousands of unique parts and components that your car contains. Some basic functioning components include:

  • Filters
  • Fluids
  • Electrical wires
  • Brake system
  • Tyres and wheels

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These components keep your wheels spinning, and even a small issue or wear could potentially cost you a new engine or thousands of dollars if not dealt with quickly. Additionally, by delaying your service you run the risk of experiencing a mechanical failure on the road. This could bring you or another driver an upsetting consequence, especially if a dangerous part of the steering, braking or suspension is involved.

You might not hear every little issue that could be wrong with your car, however, a car service from North Shore Hi-Tech can help pick them up. Just remind yourself that servicing your vehicle regularly will help pre-warn you about major problems that could just around the corner, enabling you to fix them early on before they become more serious and costly.

Here at North Shore Hi-Tech, we want to extend the life of your engine! Simply call us on 9484 5611 or click here to book your next vehicle service today performed by our highly skilled and trained technicians today.



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