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Let’s be honest…. When it comes down to vehicle safety, most of us tend to take our car’s for granted and forget the bigger picture: Safety and Reliability. Having a safe and reliable vehicle is important, regardless of the distance or time you take to commute; find out why below.

Steering and Suspension Checks – What’s the Big Deal? + [Special Offer]

Here at North Shore Hi-Tech, our technicians will thoroughly and intently check every individual suspension and steering component found under your vehicle. This includes tie rods, strut bearings, ball joints, and other components to ensure that nothing is performing out of the norm such as uneven or excessive steering pull which can be dangerous.  

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In the event that any urgent work is required on your steering or suspension, our skilled technicians will work closely with you to find the right solution and offer you choices to complete the repairs as most effective and cost effective to you.

This is important, not only to ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive, but it can also be more reliable to perform at its best capability.

If you notice your vehicle is performing out of the norm, it’s highly recommended that you bring it in for an inspection performed by our experienced technicians.

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 Ignoring any signs of issues can cause serious further damage to parts, as well as other nearby areas of the vehicle. Call us on 9484 5611 or click here to book your next suspension and steering check.

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