Posted by Deb Smith | News | February 04, 2019

Car oils may look, feel, smell and, we assume, taste the same. Whilst we humans may not spot the difference, the truth is, engines certainly can.

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Engine oil is designed to prevent moving parts from grinding against each other, which can cause serious wear and damage. It also keeps internal parts of your vehicle’s engine cool and lubricated. Every car is different, therefore different engines require different specifications of oils to perform best.

There’s also an enormous difference between synthetic oils and mineral oils. Synthetic oils have better temperature properties than regular mineral oils for hot and cold conditions.


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That means better fuel economy, cold starting, and performance, all whilst protecting the engine of your vehicle. Despite the year of your car, we always recommend you use synthetic lubricants in your engine.

Here at North Shore Hi-Tech, we source Germany’s number one brand of premium quality lubricants for your Euro Car. Liqui Moly offers superior grade oils with the highest quality raw materials to prevent wear, extend engine life and improve the performance of your engine.  

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