Noises In The Car?

05 April, 2019

Self-maintaining your car may seem like a daunting task. There are some aspects that are definitely best left to a qualified mechanic, however your car may also provide some audible clues about what’s going on.


Oddities of Older Euro Cars

30 March, 2019

In the greater scheme of things, there are three kinds of cars:
• Technological leaders;
• Cheap and cheerful;
• Comfortable and efficient.


Need A New Car?

23 March, 2019

It’s said that buying a new car is in the top three most stressful things we’ll do in life, along with buying a house and getting married.


Engine Overheating?

07 March, 2019

We all know Aussie summers can be stinkers. We don’t like it, and our Euro cars don’t like it either, especially if their own cooling system isn’t feeling good.


3 Signs of Car Air-Conditioning Death!

04 March, 2019

What’s small, has four doors and can act like an oven at times? A car with a faulty air-conditioner – that’s what! Imagine jumping into your car and being abruptly greeted with hot yucky and muggy air from your vehicles air-con.


What Tyre Pressure Is The Safest?

03 March, 2019

With only four palm-sized bits of rubber keeping our cars glued to the road, there’s no doubt it’s imperative we keep our tyres in good shape; those four bits of rubber are critical in allowing you to keep control of your vehicles.


The Right Oil For Your Car

25 February, 2019

Wondering which oil to use in your Euro vehicle?

Whether this is your first Euro car or your 10th, it always pays to check which oil you should be running. Not every Euro car is the same so the best-matched oil might be different to what you’re used to using.


New Car & In-Warranty Servicing With Us

01 February, 2019

You’ve bought your new premium European car, driven around for a few months and now it’s time for your first service….

And you’re now wondering if you need to go back to the dealership you bought from…



16 January, 2019

Owning a prestige European vehicle can be an absolute joy and a pleasure.

However, there will be times when things like a standard service, a general checkup, or something worse, make owning one something that needs specialist attention.